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Goodricke Roasted Darjeeling Tea Organic (250.00gm)

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Goodricke’s Roasted is the perfect blend of the finesse of Darjeeling. a strong yet refined smokey flavor and a rich malty taste, enjoyed either with milk or as a bright golden liquor. Its delightful yet distinctive aroma makes it a blend that cannot be mistaken for another. Crafted for the true tea connoisseur, who enjoys nothing but the best, Goodricke’s Roasted is the perfect partner to the quintessential Bengali “adda”;.
It has a strong yet refined smoky flavor
Brew the perfect cup:
Heat fresh water just short of a rolling boil and pour into a Teapot
Steep one teaspoon per cup of Roasted Darjeeling Tea leaves in the pot
Cover with a lid and brew for 3 to 5 minutes to suit your taste palette
Best enjoyed as Black Liquor Tea. Add milk and sugar to suit your taste

Quick Facts:
100% Organic
Kolkata’s No.1 Darjeeling Tea Brand
Tea sourced from Goodricke’s own Tea Estates


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