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DNV Special Papad (200.00gm)

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DNV, a brand since last 75 years, presents these Classic Plain Papads that promises quality with quantity. Our range of other papads like masala papad, chana masala papad, sabudana papad, disco papad, special papad, punjabi masala papad etc. guarantees mouthwatering crispy delight. This papad is made from the top quality urad dal, moong dal and hing. This variety does not have any spices and tastes best when it is fried. It is made in Bikaner, Rajasthan. These papads are made with love and perfection so that when you present your guests with a tray of DNV papads, they will praise you for your taste of welcoming people! No body can stop having it at just one- they are that tasty!

DNV is amongst the few companies in India which has such a wide range of papad. Since complete manufacturing of DNV papad takes place in Bikaner, there is uniformity in taste. Be it Mumbai or Guwahati, Amritsar or Chennai, DNV papad will taste the same. Yet we have incorporated the regional taste in each papad


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