DNV Panch Foran (50gm)

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DNV presents to you this pure & natural Panch Phoran Masala from our range of delicious Whole Spices collection.

Panch Foran literally means “five spices.” It is a blend of spices commonly used in Eastern India and Bangladesh and comprises the following seeds: Jeera, Mustard, Methi, Kala Jeera and Saunf. The spices are left whole and, depending on how they’re being used, are either dry roasted or fried in oil in order to coax out their pungent flavors. Panch Foran is useful as a marinating agent, added to Indian stews, sprinkled on vegetables, or used for pickling vegetables. It is also a delicious addition to any “carb-like” foods. For instance, breads like naan and others. It adds a wonderful depth and flavor to any dish it’s added to. A quick spice blend to make, give it a try and you’ll be reaching for it any time you have a hankering for authentic Indian food.


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